1: Choose Your Domain

There are blogs out there about many different topics. From travel to photojournalism to cooking to parenting, you can find hundreds and sometimes thousands of blogs that are all on the same topic. So, when your looking to start a blog, how do you set your blog apart from the others?

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2: Setup Your Web Host

The next thing you are going to need in order to get your blog up and running is somewhere to host it. A web host is a computer that houses your blog and makes it available for the whole world to see. There are thousands of web hosting companies around and here are a  few of the ones we recommend:

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3: Choose Your Theme

One of the main strengths of using WordPress to build your blog is the fact that it gives you instant access to thousands of great looking themes “Or designs” that you can install in just a few clicks. There are thousands of free ones available, you just need to search through them, and hundreds of top quality premium themes available just like these:

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